Review: The Airhawk seat cushion

Review: The Airhawk seat cushion

Many Spyder owners are looking for a way to be able to ride for more than an hour or so without the seat becoming unbearable.  There are lots of solutions out there, including custom seats costing thousands of dollars, down to bead solutions costing just a few bucks.  For me, the Airhawk motorcycle seat cushion provides an excellent solutions, and won’t break the bank. 

 From the Airhawk website:

Sit and Ride more hours. AIRHAWK® is known for its DOUBLE-YOUR-SIT-TIME guarantee, based on our patented Air Cell Technology built into every seat overlay cushion. AIRHAWK®’s motorcycle seat cushions provide unsurpassed comfort during long rides. Proudly made in the USA, our proven designs distribute your weight and pressure over the entire seating area, reducing the “hot spots” that cause aches and pains.

I have used my Airhawk for many miles now, on my 2010 RTS and my 2017 F3T.  I have found nothing that compares to the way it relieves the old “monkey butt”, and allows for much longer time in the saddle without a break.  Now I’m a guy that has plenty of cushioning in his body, but the one area that is less cushioned than it was when I was younger is my butt.  I can’t stand sitting on hard surfaces for long, partly because of my lack of padding, but also my back.  The Airhawk really does solve this problem.

One issue I hear from owners is that the key is not to overinflate the Airhawk.  Blow it up, then sit on it and slowly open the valve to let most of the air out, just leaving enough to feel the ability to move a bit.  The valve is high quality (as are the rest of the components), and easy to manipulate while on the seat.  When you’re off the bike, it seems like the Airhawk is totally deflated and adding no support, but once you sit down you’ll really feel a difference.  A little is a lot!

I bought a second one for the back seat, as my wife doesn’t like the feel of the stock F3T seat.  She loved the RT, but not so much the F3.  The Airhawk Cruiser R Large is a perfect fit for the RT and F3 Driver seats.  The small size and the pillion models seemed too small for the read seat, so we bought another R Large for the back.  I just take it off when she’s not back there.

I know there are many other solutions with many satisfied owners, but I think the Airhawk is the best thing for me.

Get yours here:  

AIRHAWK® Motorcycle Seat Cushion Cruiser R, Large



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