2017 Can-Am Spyder RT Recall Due to Headlight Problem

I loved my 2010 RTS, but it did have a few quirks that I would have liked to correct.  One is the headlights.  They are nice and bright, but the design of the fixture and the lens left something to be desired.  For example, when riding in a group, without fail someone riding ahead of me would ask my why might headlights kept flashing at them.  First, they all do that.  Second, I have decided that it is because of the lens used in the fixture.  It changes the intensity, and maybe even the color of the light, depending on where the light is pointed (or you could say, focused).  Some said it was like a blue flashing light.

There are also some areas of the light fixture that look like lights, but are really just “shiny spots” :-).  I say make them lights or remove them!  Well, now there is a recall issue with the 2017.  If you haven’t seen it, here is an article about the recall, with a link to the NHTSA website for details:


Source: 2017 Can-Am Spyder RT Recall Due to Headlight Problem



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