The 998 ST is the only Spyder for me

The 998 ST is the only Spyder for me

There is always much debate, and there are often strong opinions on which Spyder models are better, etc.  This discussion often focuses on the older models, particularly the 998 vs. 1330 engines that are present in various years of Spyder.  While many say it’s worth it to upgrade and buy a newer Spyder with the 1330 engine, there are many reasons that make the 998 a viable (and even preferable) choice for many Spyder owners.  My first Spyder was a 2010 RTS with the 998, and I must say there are definitely things I miss about the high-revving motor and manual shift transmission now that I have a 1330 Semi-auto.  Below is one man’s perspective on his Spyder ST.

Guest author Jay MacLeod states his love for the 998 and his Spyder ST, “Tonto”

My name is Jay MacLeod. I have over 200,000 miles on Spyders and over 300,000 miles on two wheelers.

I have ridden everything from dirt, to street and touring bikes.  The 998 ST has them all beat. It is the perfect combination of sport and touring.  It can take a pounding in the twisties and ask for more. I have ridden the Dragon, Cherohala, Six Gap, Diamondback Rattler, and Three Sisters just to name a few. Have done some of them on the 1330 which was not as fun to me as the 998.  I prefer a higher rev and the cornering of the 998. The maintenance schedule doesn’t matter to me, I love the 998; it is almost bullet proof. I have nothing against the F3 or RT.  The 1330 will be a great motor, and there are logical reasons to upgrade, but the love is not there.  The sleek sexy lines are not there for me. I always kiss my hand and touch my ST on the BRP logo as I get off and go in and I tell Tonto (the name of my ST) I will see him soon. As I walk away I always look back at my ST. When I ryde my ST we are one; there is no man and machine.  We move as one a flawless motion dancing in the curves, gliding on the road.  I have done over 1500 miles in a day and wanted more. I ryde 24/7 365 I don’t care what the weather is.  I ryde my ST.  It is my everyday ryde, grocery getter, lunch grabber, you name it I do it on my ST.

Living in the hill country of Texas the ST is king going up and down the hills, flying through the curves, never having to worry about power or rpms or downshifting. No lumbering, just pure power and the attitude of “is that all you got?” Durability – I have been on all kinds of roads, non-roads, water crossings, etc., and have had no problems out of a 998. I have had friends that traded their 998 in and have wished the still had them. The RS, RSS and ST will always be loved and there will always be those of us that will never give them up no matter what anyone tries to tell us. And that is why the ST is the only Spyder for me.

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  1. Good information. You certainly have a lot of experience and miles on a Spyder. Personal “hands on” experience puts value and credibility on your findings. Thanks!

  2. Certainly makes me feel good about having gone from a 2014 RT-L to a 2015 F3-S to my present 2013 ST. We ride two-up, and even with many mods to the previous two Spyders, just couldn’t find the magic ergonomic formula which worked well for the both of us. The more-like-a-motorcycle hands/seat/feet position of the ST is what scratches our itch.
    I actually preferred the more relaxed, lower-end torque of the triple, but am willing to tolerate the stalion-esque eagerness of the ST (down boy, easy big fella) for the ergonomic comfort. Corbin provided the answer in this case, but have no intention of starting a blazing-saddle flame war.

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