My First Trailer Experience on the Spyder (Part 2)

My First Trailer Experience on the Spyder (Part 2)

[Part 2]

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The guy I bought the trailer from didn’t have a title, but I wasn’t too surprised since it is a small trailer.   However, I did some checking around and found out that ANYTHING that rolls on Texas roads requires a registration and license plate.  This trailer didn’t even have a place for a plate, so I doubt anyone had ever licensed it.  I got a bill of sale from the seller and took it to the TX DOT.  This process ended up taking a full day that I will never get back!

It’s a long story, but the TX DOT and Bexar County tax collector do not have their story together on this.  I was told by the county that I needed a weight certification and Police inspection.  The Police said they would gladly do the inspection at no cost, but the first opening they had was in January!  I needed the trailer for Thanksgiving weekend, so that was not going to work. At this point I almost went rogue and took my chances without the registration, but decided to give it one more try.  I called TX DOT and they told me that I just need a photo since the trailer is so small, and a bill of sale.  It must be registered, but not titled. They emailed this information to me.  I headed back home and took a couple of pictures.

I printed the pictures, along with the email from the state.  I went back to the county, and the supervisor said “I don’t know why they would have told you that, because you Must have the weight certified to register the trailer.”  Bonus:  She couldn’t tell me where to get it weighed, she had never been asked that before!  GRRR.  At least the police inspection was no longer an issue due to the size of the trailer.

Drove home for the second time (30 -45 min. each way) and called around, found a recycling place that could do the weight certificate 3 miles from the Bexar county tax office.  Hooked up the trailer to the Spyder and headed there.  $6 to tell me she weighed exactly 200lbs, the same weight I had written on the county tax form.  That was the magic ticket however, and I got my registration!

Our first trip with the trailer was to Port Aransas, TX on the gulf coast.  We headed out there for the long Thanksgiving weekend, partly to support the down economy and to see the recovery process since Hurricane Harvey.

A trip report will be published soon!

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  1. You have to love government and it’s fees. It’s not getting any better.

  2. Least in New Mexico they don’t care. No fees no license needed.

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