Do you consider your Spyder to be an “FUV”?

Do you consider your Spyder to be an “FUV”?

In a previous article we discussed BRP’s plans for a sub-$10K Spyder in 2019.  The market for such a vehicle seems to be there, and others are jumping on board with potential competitors.  Archimoto has announced their new “Fun Utility Vehicle”, the FUV.  The review below was completed by after seeing the FUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show.  With a 70-130 mile range (depending on options), and a top speed of 85 mph, I doubt it is more than a “quick run around town” kind of vehicle.  Take a look by clicking below:


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  1. The Archimoto is more similar to a car than a motorcycle, BUT I very much look forward to an all-electric Spyder F3!!

  2. Is this just a mag that is through email or is it a real magazine that you get in postal mail?

    • Hi, Kitty. This is a online only magazine at this time. Thanks for reading!

  3. Nah……If I want the feeling of the “FUV,” I’ll just hop in my “SUV” and roll the windows down.

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