Trip Report – Port Aransas, Thanksgiving 2017 (part 1)

Trip Report – Port Aransas, Thanksgiving 2017 (part 1)

We left on a chilly morning from San Antonio to Port Aransas for a nice quiet Thanksgiving weekend.  It was cold at first, but warmed up quickly in the sunlight.  The roads were mostly empty due to the fact that it was Thanksgiving morning.  I got a few stares as a result of my face-warmer.

I was amazed at the fact that, even with the light traffic, there were still at least 3 times on the roughly 200-mile trip when I was quite glad that I had three wheels under me.  From trucks suddenly pulling onto the roadway from the shoulder, to quick stops, I was fairly sure my wife and I would have been on the pavement had we been riding a two-wheeler.

Other than noticing the additional weight when pulling out from a complete stop, I could hardly tell that the trailer was there.  We took Texas State Highway 181 from San Antonio down to the coast, mostly to stay away from the Interstate traffic, and because we love to pass through all of those small Texas towns along the way.  It’s easier to stop when we want as well.  It’s not for the slower speed limits, however.  This highway and many of the rural highways in Texas have a 75 mph speed limit in places!  This can be scary on a two lane highway on a Spyder or any other motorcycle.  Gotta stay alert.  It’s important for safety not to go too slow.  You don’t want a big truck passing you at 75 when you’re going 40, so I keep it closer to the speed limit when safety permits.

We got to our hotel in Port A (as locals call it) in the mid-afternoon.  The front entrance was boarded up, with a sign pointing to the temporary office location around the side.  The pool was full of green water and a little debris, so we doubted that swimming, at least the pool type, would be on the agenda.  They had electricity and internet, and although the first-floor units were still being renovated from flood damage, the second floor rooms were nice, dry and comfortable.  The clerk provided us with a map of Port A, with the currently re-opened restaurants highlighted.  About ½ of the restaurants were still closed due to the hurricane damage.

The places that were open were serving hot food, although it seemed that most of the clientele were locals or construction workers.  Very few tourists.  They also had boarded up windows, debris in the front access areas and parking lots, etc.  It’s really a mess there still!

Check back for part 2!

Here’s an article about the current state of Port A:

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