Santa’s Rolling Reindeer

Santa’s Rolling Reindeer

On Saturday, December 9, 2017, Santa’s Rolling Reindeer set out from Bulverde, TX (near San Antonio) to deliver toys to disadvantaged kids around the Texas Hill Country region.  93 total bikes, including two and three wheelers of all makes and sizes set out in the cold morning air for the 17th Annual Toy run.  They were accompanied by a wonderful all-volunteer police escort, and of course Santa Claus (one of the most authentic real-beard Santa’s I’ve ever seen!).

Santa’s Rolling Reindeer, Inc. has been around providing smiles to kids since 2001.  Most of the children they serve may not even have received a single Christmas present, and are so appreciative of the efforts of this group.  The group is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

The process begins in October, with a fund raiser which includes a live auction of donated items, ticket sales, food and entertainment, all to benefit the children.  This is followed in November with a Toy wrapping party, all of which culminates in the December Toy Run.

This year the bikers hit five locations:

1 St Jude’s children’s ranch

2 Heartland Children’s Home

3 Omega house/Children’s Inn

4 San Antonio Children’s Shelter

5 The Fischer house






From their Facebook page:

The places the SRR Toy Run benefits serve “children with medical, physical and mental disabilities. There are children on life support, others confined to their beds, in wheelchairs and some that must depend on the help of others just to move around. You should see the excitement on these precious children’s faces, when Santa and the Reindeer ride up on their motorcycles delivering presents! The tears streaming down the face of these riders and the emotions they feel make them come back year after year.”

Although there were only three Spyders in attendance this year, we hope to increase participation of the Spyder community in future years!

For additional information, please contact Cheryl Blanchette @ 210-288-8726, or visit their Facebook page at:

Santa’s Rolling Reindeer Facebook Page

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  1. Great article about Santa’s Rolling Reindeer. I’m proud to have helped with fundraising, wrapping of the toys and delivery of the toys. I help out behind the scenes. I’m the coordinator that gets all the bikes there. That’s my job. And I ride a Spyder.
    I’m coordinator for HCMR and ACMR. Over 500 bikes in the San Antonio area. HCMR, Hill county motorcycle riders and our sister group ( more advanced riders) ACMR, Alamo City motorcycle riders.
    We are a riders group. So we plan a lot of rides into the Texas Hill country. And these rides, a lot of them being lead by a Spyder. So I have all the Harley’s, gold wings, Honda, Sportbike, crotch rockets, and other spyders following me… and that’s an awesome feeling…

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