The future of Motorcycle riding – Three Wheelers

The future of Motorcycle riding – Three Wheelers

In the article below from American Iron, a discussion is had regarding the future of the motorcycle industry. It is a recap of a round-table meeting that took place in Los Angles on November 16, 2017 prior to the opening of the International Motorcycle Show.  There is clearly a concern for the “flattening” of the market, with sales being even or down in recent years.  They point out many important contributing factors, including the safety and financial concerns of potential riders, along with a new perspective that the digital world provides.  The participants clearly see “reverse-trikes” including Spyders as a valid and upcoming alternative to two wheels, and a source for market growth.

“Traditional sidecars and trikes are being quickly eclipsed by roadsters and reverse trikes newly available on the market. The traditional definition of motorcycles being only two-wheel conveyances is a significant albatross to increased retail attention. Adoption of the three-wheeled variants of products into our culture, dealerships, events and media will keep this important transportation category within the purview of powersports, and not let them escape into their own category where profits to our industry would be lost.”

“…rigor and positive energy must be applied to the 3-wheelers in the on-road side of our business despite traditionalists who may bemoan their inclusion.”

The article also discusses many valid points when looking to the future of our favorite hobby, and how to keep the industry healthy for all of us to enjoy.  it’s a bit long, but a very interesting read.

Give a Shift – The Future of Motorcycling


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