Turbocharged Can-Am Spyder F3 Concept

Turbocharged Can-Am Spyder F3 Concept

This is not new, but is still quite current and of interest to the Spyder community.  BRP is well known for building standard, complex, but overall reliable technology into its machines.  Many Spyder owners would like to see what can be done to modify their machines for higher performance, etc.  After all, many of us are tinkerers, backyard mechanics, etc. from way back.

Is it time to revive the discussion about getting a little more kick from the Spyder power plant?

Below is an article published in Feb. 2016 about the F3 Turbo Concept vehicle.

Cycle World

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  1. An F3 turbocharged assisted F3 is all well and good. But my primary interest would be a turbercharged Can Am Soyder RT Limited. As the RT is designed, and more apropos for the type of riding and friends of mine that we do.

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