Electric three-wheeler?  You decide.

Electric three-wheeler? You decide.

We’ve been looking at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) articles for fun tech and gadgets that would add to our joy when ryding.  While we haven’t seen too many great ideas yet, this electric vehicle looks pretty interesting.

It’s no Spyder, but Vanderhall has developed an all-electric three wheeled vehicle.  We love the classic styling of the Vanderhalls, but it’s more like a Polaris Slingshot than a Spyder, and we don’t think you would get the “motorcycle experience” that you get from our beloved Spyders.  The article below also has a couple of links to other electric three-wheelers, but nothing like a Spyder yet.  See what you think by reading more below:

A new all-electric $35,000 three-wheeler with ‘over 200 miles of range’ showcased at CES


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