One Ryder’s Story

One Ryder’s Story

Last week we asked for submissions of Spyder stories from any and all of you that love your Spyders.  They can be technical tips, ride reviews, life stories, etc.  While we haven’t received too many yet, we’re hoping there are at least a few more of you thinking about sending something in. All submissions accepted!

The story below is a great example of what we’re looking for.  The folks at sent it to us, knowing that we specialize in Spyder stuff.  It’s a profile of Spyder rider O.J Miles that he sent them, and it’s exactly the type of thing we want you to send in to us.  Enjoy!


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  1. Interested in where to ride our spyder

  2. Hey, thanks guys and gals at Ride Texas and Spyder Life magazines! This is my 15 minutes of fame, yea! Been riding for 50 yrs and loved every minute of it. Traveled to and from 30 states, Canada and Mexico on my bikes over the years. Now living in Arkansas, I’m finding new roads to ride the Arkansas forest and the Ozarks, and just loving it. Ryde safe out there and I hope to see you “on the road again”!

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