Lidlox hands-on review

Lidlox hands-on review

“There is beauty in Simplicity” 

Over the weekend I had the chance to install a set of Lidlox helmet holders on my 2017 F3T.  They are a patented gizmo designed to give motorcycle riders a place to securely hold their helmets, without taking up precious bag or trunk space.  In case you haven’t seen them yourself, they screw right in to the ends of the handlebars, and provide a secure clip to keep someone from walking off with your helmet while you’re enjoying a stop along your ride.

When I had my RTS, it was fairly easy to lock my helmet in one of the side bags, and my wife’s in the trunk, as long as I wasn’t going somewhere that required the storage space for something else.  When I moved to an F3T however, I lost a lot of storage space due to the smaller side bags, smaller front trunk, and lack of top case.  If you’ve ever tried to use the little built-in hooks that the Spyder provides under the seat, you know that they aren’t great either.  They’re small, require removing the seat, and are barely able to hold onto the D-rings, if you can even get them to reach up there while your helmet is still attached to them.  That’s what makes the Lidlox such an elegant solution.  They don’t interfere with anything currently on the bike, and take advantage of a space you don’t need when parked – the handlebar ends.

The kit comes in a compact shrink-wrapped package, and includes everything you need to install, including a small allen wrench to secure the lock cylinders.

Installation was a breeze, with just a few quick bits of confusion (I hadn’t installed these before) that were easily overcome.  Once I figured out what to do it only took a few minutes per side to install.  They don’t come with any instructions, but you can see a video on YouTube with the simple instructions.  One thing to note, you need a 5 mm allen wrench and a bit of blue Loctite for the installation.  I couldn’t find any Loctite in my garage so I ordered some to add later.  Incidentally, I found a version of blue Loctite that is in a stick form – kind of like a chap-stick that is handy because it doesn’t run all over the place when you apply it to the bolt.  Get some here:

Once installed, it becomes clear that Lidlox are slick design.  It’s easy to quickly unlock the cylinder and slip in the little T-bar that goes through your D-ring on your helmet.  Then you just push it in to lock.  I was encouraged to see that I could also lock the smaller D-ring on my helmet right into the Lidlox.  If you don’t want to take the time to find and fuss with the T-bar you don’t need it, at least with my helmet.

Comments from a contributor that is a big fan:

“I got my Lidlox shortly after I got my F3 Limited. Since I keep other items in my top case, it didn’t leave me the room to safely store my helmet when I ride.  Lidlox was the perfect solution.  I also put velcro on the back inside wall of my top case to keep the Lidlox key and the two helmet extenders in easy reach.    Also the owner of the company Matt Mrdeza is a great guy.  I lost one of the set screws and called him. Even though he was traveling to a show he said he would send 2 new ones quickly.  Several days later they arrived.  I can’t say enough about the product and the company.

-Buddy Doebbler”

Though I only have a few miles of experience using them, I have to agree with Buddy’s thoughts.  Lidlox are a great product that solves a common problem.  What more can you ask for?!

Order your Lidlox on the Lidlox website here:

Or on Amazon:



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