Cat delete, bypass, removal, whatever you want to call it…

Cat delete, bypass, removal, whatever you want to call it…

I was tired of the burning rubber smell after a ryde, and the heat let off from the primary muffler, or Catalytic Converter on my 2017 F3T.  I also wanted a little more sound from the exhaust.  Since I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do, I purchased a used Cat bypass pipe so I wouldn’t be too invested in the project if I didn’t like the result.  After reading as much as I could find and looking for Youtube videos, I still wasn’t sure what this project would involve.  Now that I’ve done it, I wanted to share the super-basic details of this modification for your edification.  (see what I did there? :-))

The first thing I learned, is that the front part of the cat is held on by 3 springs that are difficult to remove.  The best decision I made toward this project was to purchase a trampoline spring tool.  You can get yours here:
This is a very good investment for $5, and made the spring removal and re-installation a snap.  You simply hook the end of the spring and pull it off of the loop in the rear.  After the springs are unhooked, you use a 13mm wrench to loosed the clamp from the rear of the Cat to the muffler.At this point, the Cat still seems to be stuck in place.  I popped off the connection at the muffler, and wiggled the Cat toward the rear of the bike.  It is hanging on a couple of metal prong-like hooks (see picture above) that slide into rubber grommets.  Moving it rear-ward allows it to disengage from the bike.  Then it just comes right off.

The Cat bypass pipe has the same wire hooks, so you just slide them into the rubber grommets, and stick the end into the manifold.  Re-attach the springs using your cool tool.  Then slide the muffler onto the other end and tighten the clamp bold.  I have never done this particular job before, but it still took maybe 15 minutes start to finish.  Sounds good so far (see below) but I have yet to get it on the road to really try it out.  It is recommended to start the bike and idle for 10 min. to allow the ECM to adjust to the new airflow.  I did this, but I’ve also heard that it takes about 200 miles of use to get the ECM totally dialed in.  Here’s a shot under my dirty bike with the Cat bypass installed:

The procedure is basically the same for all of the 1330 bikes.  There is a bypass pipe out there for the 990 as well.

If you’re wondering if you can do it yourself, DO IT!  The easiest thing I’ve done to a Spyder yet.  Your mileage may vary, check you local laws, etc. etc.

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  1. Thanks for the instructions. Have you noticed any difference in sound and performance yet? Please provide an update when appropriate to let us know how it worked for you.

  2. I like mine quiet but eventually may need to do this if the CAT fails. Currently not messing with it due to its still under warranty. Keep us posted though.

  3. Thank you for the information. Now I know what and how exactly to do it!

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