Cat Delete follow up.

Cat Delete follow up.

This is a follow-up to the Cat installation article posted here.

I finally got a chance to try out the new configuration on the street.  I put about 150 miles on it over the weekend, and I’m very pleased with the sound and performance.  Some have complained about a lack of low-end torque after making this change, but I didn’t notice that at all, in fact it feels a little “peppier” in the low end to me.

The overall tone is deeper and a definitely louder, without sounding like the dreaded “tin can Honda”.  I can actually hear the motor, which is important to me.  I’d rather shift when it feels and sounds right, rather than when a green light comes on.  🙂  When I really hit the gas it is quite loud, but mellows right down for overall cruising.  I bought the “can-opener” baffle in case I didn’t like the sound, but for now I’ll leave it out.  The sound is just enough to hear, but I can still hear the stereo as well.

Keep in mind that I am riding with a 1/2 helmet and earplugs, your experience will differ with differing set ups.

Overall, really easy job, great improvement to my enjoyment of riding.  You should do it!

Here are some comparisons of the tone.  Of course, it sounds better in person, but here you go.

F3T with Cat (dirty bike)

F3T no Cat (slightly less dirty bike)


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