Road Warrior Foundation

Road Warrior Foundation

BRP/Can-am supports the Road Warrior foundation (among many other supporters), and with good reason – there’s no better way for a disabled veteran to experience the thrill of the open air and excitement of motorcycling than on a Spyder.  They provide what they call “Adventure Therapy”, by using powersports and adventure to produce a challenging environment that takes disabled veterans out and puts them back in the driver’s seat.

Along with BRP, the US Spyder Ryders, a owner-based national Spyder motorcycle club provides donations, fund-raisers and awareness rydes for the foundation and does other good things for the local community. Click the link to their website below for a calendar of events, some blog entries, and information about how to join a local chapter or start your  own.  Take what you love to do (Ryde that Spyder!), and do some good in the world at the same time!

To learn more about the Road Warrior Foundation and it’s charter, ride, and how to donate, click below:



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