Guest review: Admore light bar to add a High Tech middle tail light to your RT (or other Spyder)

Here is an alternative for adding a center brake light to your RT or other bike.  The Admore light bar.  As you can see in the photo below, it is a very bright LED tail and brake light, with the addition of Amber turn signals as well.
It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the turn signals animate from the center to the outside of the unit, reminiscent of an old Mustang or Cougar.  In addition, there is a set of white LEDs in the center that “strobe” for more visibility.  It has an accelerometer that turns on the brake lights if you slow down, even if you didn’t hit the brakes.
Lastly, it is fully customer configurable and firmware can be upgraded through a USB port using the AdMore Configurator Software Suite.  It comes in clear and smoke lenses.  From guest contributor George Elliott (whose Spyder is featured in the pictures here):
“The installation is pretty straight forward.  You do have to remove the the back wrap around panel (Editor: “Tupperware” body panel) to get to the brake and tail light wiring, and you have to run a separate power wire from there to the Admore light.  You can mount the light where ever you want, but I wanted it as high as possible.
There is a white light on the bottom of the housing that you can program to come on if you mount it over the license plate.
The only problem I had was the sequenced turn signals would occasionally freeze in the on position.  Dave from Admore thought it was not playing well with the Lamonster Longhorn mirror light kit I have installed.   I unhooked the mirror lights, and  they worked fine, so he sent me a diode to mount where his turn signals connected to the Spyder.  It worked great after that.”


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