The F3T Recliner project, and  Ultimate F3 Floorboards

The F3T Recliner project, and Ultimate F3 Floorboards

Many of us ride Spyders because of the great tech, the safety, or some other factor.  I was originally attracted to Spyders because I have bad knees and have had a couple of back surgeries.  After buying my first RT, I was hooked on the overall design and safety, even if I hadn’t had the physical limitations causing me to look.  However, due to my back issues, I am most comfortable in a somewhat reclining position with a backrest when riding a bike (or driving, working, etc.).

Bring on the Can-am Spyder F3, and it’s U-fit system.  This system allows for 5 foot peg positions and 3 handlebar sizes so that the fit can be adjusted to the rider.  I am just under six feet tall, and not a real skinny fella :-), so the RT always felt cramped and caused my knees to hurt after a short time.  Now that I have an F3T, I am MUCH more comfortable and can ride much longer with less fatigue.

My F3T came with the pedals in position 3 (which I believe is standard) which was too short for me to be comfortable.  I purchased the position 5 brake bar, and made the simple adjustment myself.  At this position I was much more comfortable, but I noticed that after a short while I had the sensation that my boot was going to slip off of the peg, which didn’t feel safe.  I decided to get the position 4 bar and give that a try.  Position 4 was a good compromise, but I always thought that there must be a way to get the best of both worlds.  I also purchased the “Short-reach” handlebars, which are about the same overall length as the standard ones, but are bent back to allow you to lean back some.  I also have the driver backrest from Can-am.

To complete the project, I added the Ultimate F3 Floorboards from  These floorboards are a dream come true for me.  They operate more like a running board on my Spyder, and offer unlimited foot positions for long-ride comfort.  They are strong and stable, and the Line-X coating seems very durable.  They also make the Spyder easier to mount and dismount, especially if I have a passenger on the  back.  When acting as a Ride Captain, I can now stand and get the attention of the group without slipping off of the pegs.

One thing I was concerned about was the fact that the F3 is great for Twisties, when you really push your boot down on the outside foot peg with your boot hooked under it.  I was worried that I would lose that “push-off” capability with the floorboards, but it is still there.






The installation process is quite easy and straightforward, and Pierre has created an installation video which clears up any confusion.

I put the Spyder on ramps to make things easier to reach, but it wasn’t necessary at all for the installation.

The kit comes with replacement screws for the foot pegs (the original pegs remain in place, but you remove the rubber pads) and for the bolt that goes into the frame on each side.  I went with position 5 boards, but you can order them sized for the other positions as well.

It also comes with some funny looking wedge-shaped washers.  One trick is to be sure you hold the washers in position when tightening the bolts or they can end up in a weird spot.  I really have only one complaint about the installation, and it’s a minor one:  It would have been convenient if the new bolts included with the floorboards used the same size wrench as the ones they are replacing.  This caused me to have to find a different wrench for installation of the new boards.  Otherwise it was truly a piece of cake.

The finished product looks and functions great.  On my black Spyder it is very complimentary.  Other colors should do well with it too, as there is a lot of black on most bikes.  I may even add some red plasti-dip to the “F3” cutout just for an accent.  One thing I noticed is that they seem to “flex” a bit when putting weight on them.  I then realized that this is due to the original foot pegs being designed to flex, and the fact that these bolt on to the original pegs.

Overall I could not be happier with these boards.  You can get your own directly from the source, click here!

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