Winter Touring on Can-Am Spyders

Winter Touring on Can-Am Spyders

Spyders are great fun in the summer weather, but one of the benefits of the three wheels is that one could ride in more difficult conditions if so inclined.  Here’s an article about a winter trip taken by a California couple from Cali to Austin, Texas and back.  It includes some great and unusual stops in the Desert Southwest and West Texas, along with some good stories about the ride.

It also has some great tips and insight into riding a Spyder.  Enjoy!

“I’d chosen Spyders (a fully dressed RT tourer for Kurt, and a sporty F3 Limited for me) for three reasons: the unpredictable winter weather, the fact that they have semi-automatic transmissions (while he can ride standard motorcycles, Kurt’s prosthetic leg makes shifting a chore and I didn’t want to subject him to it for 3,600 miles) and outright curiosity.”

Southwest Express: Winter Touring on Can-Am Spyders

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